Photographer: Martina Wärenfeldt

Lecture: Singing sisters – Chant, liturgy and life in the order of St Birgitta of Sweden

The chant in St Birgitta’s order has a history spanning a much longer period than up until the closing of Vadstena Abbey in 1595. In fact, this chant’s use continues until the present day and can be found throughout Europe. Centred around Karin Lagergren’s research on the chant of the Birgittine Order, a fascinating story is told about what may be the most original religious order of the Middle Ages and Sweden’s most famous medieval personality: St Birgitta of Sweden.

Lecture: How to celebrate a saint!– Practical aspects on medieval cult of saints

During the Middle Ages numerous saints’ days were observed with events such as markets and special services in the churches. How were saints such as for example Saint Sigfrid, Saint Birgitta, Saint Erik or Saint Elin of Skövde observed? What was sung and by whom? How were the services performed and who was allowed to participate? How solemn occasions were carried out in practice is what this lecture is about, illustrated with chants for some of the saints.

Lecture: The liturgical life in a medieval parish church

What were services like in a medieval church? Who was there, what was sung, how did it sound? What was done, how and by whom? This lecture offers a possibility to get closer to the liturgical life which constituted normal parishioners life. Karin Lagergren guides through the landscape of music and medieval spirituality.

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